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Temporary Withdrawal 

1. As a student, you  have the right to stop online course work due to unforeseen circumstances.

​2. To request a temporary withdrawal, please inform your student advisor by e-mail at efl2012@englifeglobal.org that you will be taking a temporary leave. You are not required to provide reason(s) for your leave. 

3.Your coursework and tuition fees will be placed on hold  for approximately 45 days. 

​​4. On the 46th day of your temporary withdrawal period, the system will generate an administrative withdrawal. Please bear in mind that refunds cannot be issued after 45 day mark.

​6. Temporary withdrawals are granted once annually. However, due to special circumstance, an extension may be provided. In this case, we may ask for reasons that require an extension. 

Student Grievances 

As a student, you have the right to report any and all concerns that may impact your progression in this course. Therefore, we have specific procedures for you to follow if you ever encounter an issue that needs administrative support. 

​1. Immediately contact your advisor by e-mail. Your advisor will contact you within one business day to discuss the issue and to work towards a viable solution. 

2. If your advisor cannot come to a solution with you, your advisor will immediately contact the program’s assistant administrator. The administrator will contact you within one business day after he or she has been notified of the issue. 

3. Depending of the severity of the issue, the administrator, along with your student advisor, will arrange a virtual or on campus meeting to discuss the issue at hand. The ultimate goal, however, is to ensure that the issue or concern is fully resolved.

Code of Ethics

Every member of English for a Lifetime Language Institute must, at all times, conduct his or her activities, on campus and online, in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards. We expect that every TESOL/ TEFL teacher in training submit and complete all assignments independent of any other parties. Furthermore, as an academic community, we expect every TESOL /TEFL  teacher in training display the utmost respect towards each, including all internal stakeholders. Finally, we require that TESOL/TEFL teachers refrain, at all times, from promoting conversations that fall out of scope with the teaching and learning of English language learners. For example, dialogue that involve(s) religious, social, political views, opinions, or persuasions – we deem inappropriate. 

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