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Why should I enroll into English for a Lifetime TESOL/TEFL Teachers’ Academy? 

​English for a Lifetime TESOL/TEFL’s online academy primary goal is to prepare current and future teachers to become exemplary practitioners in the English language teaching field. Our intensive and academic coursework help students to transfer theory into practice. As a student, you learn what it means to be an effective English language teacher and how to put what you’ve learned into practice. Furthermore, we provide continuous professional development and teacher training, for up to one year, after you have successfully completed all online coursework at no additional charge. You will also obtain limitless teaching resources, resume/CV enhancement, and recurring connections, concerning job English language teaching in the states and across the world.


Will your program only be useful for teaching adults?

No, a  TESOL/ TEFL certification will allow you to teach both children and adult learner populations. 


Where should I teach after getting certified?

The decision is entirely up to you, but the largest demand and pay potential tends to be in East Asia and the Middle East. There are many other tropical destinations you might consider teaching as well as teaching online and or private language schools in the states.


Should I learn a foreign language before teaching English abroad?

We strongly encourage teachers to acquire functional language (conversational) skills of the country’s language where they are planning to teach if possible.

How long has English for a Lifetime been in existence? 

English for a Lifetime was established February 2012. 

​Our primary goal was to address barriers in overcoming English as a second language among non-native in the USA. Thus, we designed and implemented an  English as a second language program for  adult  immigrants to learn or improve their English proficiency. Our latest academic course is the online 120 hour TESOL/TEFL eacher certification course. 

As a non-native English speaker, can I apply for admission into this TESOL/ TEFL program? 

​Absolutely!  We welcome students from all countries of the world to apply for admission.  However, we do require the following provisions for non-native English speakers:

  1. Proof of any of the following internationally recognized English exams that evidence your English proficiency and readiness for this course (IELTS, CAE, and or the TOEFL iBT).

  2. We require the following scores:

    • IELTS = 6. 5 or higher

    • CAE= PASS

    • TOEFL ibt, 110 or higher

  3. Before we can admit you into this TESOL/TEFL  program, you must provide documentation of one the exams aforementioned with our required passing score.

  4. We will accept any of the English exams aforementioned so long as the exam has not exceeded five years.  If you took your English exam past the five year mark, we will require that you take a free online Cambridge English Assessment. The program’s enrollment specialist will coordinate time and dates for you to take the exam. * We also require that you score = (B2) or higher on the Cambridge English Assessment.

  5. If we conclude that a student does not possess a sufficient mastery of the English language during this course, we reserve the right to administratively withdraw the student.  In this event, your advisor will contact you by phone and e-mail to inform you of this unfortunate matter.  You will also be refunded at 100% for any and all tuition fees paid.

What is your English teaching philosophy?

We believe that the classroom should prepare students for the real life/ world experiences.  English for a Lifetime stresses the importance of survival English, and we believe that English language classes should be both effective and interactive. We believe that teachers must make learning fun, practical, and understand the value of balancing the difference between making class challenging, depending on the English language being taught. Furthermore, we believe that a teacher must adapt to different situations, whether it means transitioning from teaching in the classroom to e-learning/online platforms.


Even though I’m not a native English speaker, can I still take TESOL/ TEFL classes? 

Of course, it is recommended that your level of English be advanced, but any person who possess a strong mastery of the English language can teach the English language across the globe. 

Do I need to purchase a book before taking the TESOL/ TEFL class?

Yes.! You must purchase the textbook titled,  Teaching English as a foreign language, 4th edition.  You cannot complete this course without thistextbook. ** Textbook ISBN: 13: 978-1111351694 


How long will it take for me to complete the TESOL/ TEFL class?

You have six months to complete all online coursework.

Because the program consists of 120 study hours, you should create a serious study plan in order to achieve your TESOL/TEFL certification goal. 


What should I expect in each learning unit?

​Coursework consists of 14 units. You will complete the following learning activities in each unit:

  • 2 discussion questions

  • 1 task – based activity 

  • End of Unit  10 question multiple choice quiz

* Between units 13- 14, you will begin your interactive teaching practicum, where you will practice teaching with your instructor. In addition, unit 14 will give you the opportunity to create a digital teaching portfolio (DTP). Your DTP will contain all things, pertaining to your teacher training and professional work experience. Ultimately, your DTP will give you the opportunity to showcase your passion for teaching, talents, and outstanding teaching abilities. Future employers will appreciate a standout teaching prospect. 

I have more questions. May I speak to someone before I make a decision to apply ? 

​Absolutely! We understand that enrolling into an online teacher training course is a big decision, and we want you to make the best decision possible. Just send us an e-mail to efl2012@englifeglobal.org outlining your question and / or requesting our call back service. We will get back with you within  24 hours to set up a call. Our advisor will be happy to answer any questions you may have.   

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