Student Services

At English for a Lifetime, our unwavering commitment is to enhance and enrich your journey in learning English as a second language. We stand by your side, supporting you in achieving your goals and fostering a lifelong love for learning. 

Student Advisor

Upon acceptance into our adult education ESL and program, each student is assigned a dedicated student advisor. During the first week of your enrollment, your advisor will reach out to you to discuss the institute’s policies, procedures, and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Important:  In the event that you miss more than two days of class, your student advisor will contact you to discuss any critical issues that you may be experiencing. It is our number one priority to ensure that you  graduate from the academic and vocational  English program


In learning English, we believe in cultural immersion, giving you the opportunity to learn about American culture and society.  Therefore, you can expect that your teacher will take the class on one or two fieldtrips during your class session.  For example, you teacher may take the class to an American restaurant, giving you and your classmates the opportunity to practice further your English outside of class. Our goal is to help you to feel confident when communicating in English and to become independent agents of change in the USA and globally. 

Computer Lab/ Resources

Our Peachtree Corners and Roswell locations have a computer lab for student use. Once you become a student, you are free to arrive on campus before your class starts and use the computer to check your e-mail, watch movies, surf the internet and or to practice your English skills digitally.  There is no additional cost to use the computer lab once you are enrolled as a student.


Peachtree Corners, GA  location 

  • Marta Bus Route 104 within 7 min walking distance of the institute @ Winters Chapel Road * Bus transports students to nearest train station. 

Roswell, GA  location 

  • Effective immediately, all classes in Roswell and Alpharetta are now conducted 100% remotely. If you reside in either Roswell or Alpharetta, you have the option to study online from the comfort of your home or choose to travel to our Peachtree Corners campus for in-person learning. 🌐📚🏢

Student Career Paths

Upon acceptance into our academic and vocational English program, your student advisor will arrange either a virtual or in-person meeting to delve into your personal, workforce, and career aspirations. During this interaction, we will guide you in defining your professional goals. Additionally, our skilled vocational staff members will provide further assistance in crafting your resume and conducting job searches. To explore our comprehensive adult education career programs, visit our career foundation website at 🌟📚👔