Criteria for Admission 


1. Be 20  years of age or older

2. Speak, write, and read  in the English language  with a high level of proficiency, meaning English is your first language or you have studied English to a point where you feel comfortable teaching English to others 

3. High school graduate or sometimes referred to as  secondary school graduate 

4. A copy of your  high school diploma or secondary school certificate 

5. A copy of your state or country's driver's license or your passport 

All submitted documents are confidential and are only used to set up students' academic profile(s) for this course. Furthermore, the name shown on your documents is the same name that will be placed on your TESOL/TEFL  certificate. 

Steps to Admission 

1. Submit online student application. Please be sure to upload your required documentation. 

2. Wait for  an acceptance response from the enrollment specialist. You will receive an acceptance response with 24 hours after your online application has been submitted. 

3. When accepted, you will need to submit your course fee. You will receive an e-mail from Stripe, our credit card processor. Stripe will allow you to make your payment by credit or debit card. Cash is not accepted.  In addition, you will need to order your textbook for the course. Textbook information is provided in the next section under the "Course Content" tab. 

4. When accepted, you will be notified by your new academic advisor. Your academic advisor will be your primary point of contact and will respond to all your e-mail inquires within 24 hours.  Your advisor will also provide you with your username and password for accessing the course online and walk you through a brief and visual orientation of the course. Your course  can be  accessed online from anywhere in the world so long as there is a stable internet/ wifi connection to do so. * This TEFL/ TESOL course is administered through Talent LMS (tefl.talentlms.com/index). 

5. Start class, study, succeed! 

6. Earn your TTEFL/TESOL certificate within 6 months of study. 



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