Course Goals

The primary goals of this online 120 TEFL/TESOL course are to provide you with the knowledge, methods, practices, and confidence for teaching English as a second or foreign language. You will exit this course ready to teach the English language in any classroom across the globe or online.

Course Description

The goal of this 120 hour online TEFL/TESOL course is to train individuals to teach the English language among diverse English language learners (ELLs). Teachers who successfully complete this course will have gained both a theoretical and practical foundation for effective English language teaching and certified to teach the English language across the world.

Course Content


​This online 120 hour TEFL/TESOL course consists of 14 separate learning units. Each learning unit is guided by the required textbook for the course.

Unit 1

Foundations of Methodology

Students will explore language teaching methods and approaches throughout history until present day.

Unit 2

Language Skills/Listening Pedagogy

Students will explore and identify various instructional approaches to teaching listening among diverse groups of English language learners.

Unit 3

Teaching Pronunciation

Students will explore and identify various instructional approaches to teaching pronunciation among diverse groups of English language learners.

Unit 4

Teaching school – aged Learners

Students will explore and identify the characteristics of K-12 English language learners and identify /implement specific instructional strategies for teaching this student population.

Unit 5

Teaching Writing

Students will explore and identify various instructional approaches to teaching writing skills among diverse groups of English language learners.

Unit 6

Teaching Grammar

Students will explore and identify various instructional approaches to teaching English grammar among diverse groups of English language learners.

Unit 7

Assessment in Second Language Classrooms

Students will explore several critical approaches for assessing and testing English language learners.

Unit 8

Lesson Planning

Students will explore and identify several approaches to lesson planning and implementation in the ESL/ESOL classroom

Students will create several lesson plans on various topics, pertaining to teaching the English language. 

Unit 9

Digital Technology in Language Teaching

Students will explore and identify various technologies for instructing English language learners.

Unit 10

Tasked Based Teaching and Learning

Students will explore and identify various instructional approaches to authentic language teaching among English language learners.

Unit 11

Motivation in Second Language Teaching

Students will explore and identify several strategies for motivating English language learners both intrinsically and extrinsically.

Unit 12

Teaching Adult Learners

Students will explore and identify the characteristics of adult English language learners and identify /implement specific instructional strategies for teaching this group of learners.

Unit 13

The Reflective Practitioner

Students will explore and develop various methods for becoming an intentional and reflective teacher in the ESL/ESOL field.

Unit 14

Teaching Practicum & Digital Portfolio

In this unit , students will teach (4) twenty minute lessons on various English language topics. Students will receive a rubric with teaching expectations and will receive feedback on each topic taught. This unit will require that you, the student, work closely with your instructor as the instructor will determine your teaching strengths and or weaknesses at this time. Your teaching practicum will be conducted on our Zoom platform and with your instructor.  In this way, your instructor will be able to give you the best evaluation possible. 


Furthermore, students will submit a digital portfolio, which will be assessed by your instructor.  Students must score a 90% or higher on their digital portfolio for full completion of unit 14. A rubric will be provided along with support and guidance from your instructor. 

Course Textbook 

This course requires you to  rent or to purchase the textbook titled,  Teaching English as a second or foreign language. This textbook can be ordered on Amazon and or you may rent the textbook from the Amazon store, or you can access the textbook on BooksRun  @ https://booksrun.com/textbooks/9781111351694-teaching-english-as-a-second-or-foreign-language-4th-edition. On the Booksrun website, the textbook can be rented for as little as $15.00. 

When you rent the textbook, you will be able to download it to your computer's desktop or drive immediately. 

Course Evaluation 

​You will receive formal evaluation on the following:

1.Observed and assessed teaching practice

(30% of final grade).  

2.  Effective lesson plan creation and implementation 

(25 % of final grade).

3. End of chapter exams.   Each chapter ends with a ten question exam covering all reading content from the chapter.  You must score 90% on the exam  to advance from chapter to chapter (15% of final grade).


4. End of chapter reading and task based activities.

(25% of final grade). 

5. Digital Portfolio  (5% of final grade). 

Grade(s) breakdown 

90- 100 = Excellent 

80- 89 = Above Average 

70-79= Average

69 and below = NO PASS 

As you study online, you can expect your instructor to return all assignments to you in a timely manner. For example, your instructor will return most assignments to you within one week after you have submitted the assignment.  Your instructor will engage you and always give you quality responses, regarding your work.  Finally, your instructor serves as the course facilitator. Employing a facilitator methodology, your instructor will consistently encourage self-learning as you are provided information about teaching and learning in the ESL/ESOL field. Furthermore, this style of teaching and learning encourages you, the student, to think about teaching English in a variety of ways, depending on your student demographic and to identify and solve common problems involved in English language teaching. Your instructor will also communicate with you individually and your peers collectively on an as needed basis. You will never feel left alone as you progress through this TEFL/TESOL course.


We are committed to your success! 

Course Length

This TEFL/TESOL course covers 120 hours of academic content. The length of time to complete the course varies from student to student; however, the course must be completed within six months from the date of your first login. The system will automatically generate your course end date after your first login. To complete this course in six months, we recommend that you commit 4 to six hours weekly of study time. In the event that you cannot complete your course within six months, you can request a temporary course withdrawal, which will last for 45 days.

TESOL Certificate 

Upon successfully completing this course,  you will receive your  120 hour TESOL/TEFL  certificate by e-mail within 3 business days (72 hours) . You can also request a hardcopy of your TESOL certificate by   e-mail at  .The hardcopy TESOL certificate will be mailed to you within 3 business days  (72 hours) after your request.  Should an outside agency request proof of your TESOL certificate, you may submit this request to the same e-mail address with the company's identifying information, and a certificate will be e-mailed to the company that you're requesting within three business days (72 hours). There is no cost for requesting additional TESOL certificates. As a graduate of our TESOL/TEFL program, we are forever proud of your success! 

Course Start Dates 

You may start your course as soon as you have been successfully admitted into the TEFL/TESOL online program.  You will be notified by e-mail and your new academic advisor (AA). 


After your Course

It is our number one priority to graduate students who are ready to teach the English language with full confidence across the globe. To ensure that this priority is met, we offer an additional 1 year of no cost online professional development.  Only students who have successfully completed their TEFL/TESOL course and have been awarded their TEFL/TESOL certificate can participate in the annual professional development training.


Professional development training will be held on the third Sunday of each month for two hours. If you are unable to attend, you will be given access, via e-mail, to watch the training at another time, but we strongly encourage graduates to participate as you will be able to ask the professor questions in real time. 

In the same context, English for a Lifetime Language Institute, located in the USA, Atlanta, Georgia has been around for several years. We have connected with several language schools across the globe and online education centers. Thus, we work with our graduates to obtain the English teaching job of their dreams!!!  



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