Studying English Online

Are you looking for ways to enhance your English skills online, but feel overwhelmed by the amount of information available? Are you on a limited budget? Do you need to improve your skills quickly?

If so, then read every word of this article. It will help you immensely. I will reveal several, powerful, online resources to help you quickly get your skills up to speed.

See, most people who want to learn English, do not realize the wealth of information that is already freely available on the Internet.

For example…here are just a few of the many resources that are freely available online. You can use them to practice and develop your English skills:
*ESL Web Sites

Many of these resources have already been bundled together for you in really neat ways. Let’s look at a news web site like the ‘Voice of America’ at

If you have visited their web site before, you have most likely seen their ‘Special English’ section. It was created specifically for people just like you who want to improve their English skills.

You will find daily news reports broadcast over the radio with a complete transcript of each report. You can use these transcripts to follow along with the anchorperson and better understand what is being said. This exercise alone will greatly enhance your reading and listening skills.

You will also find weekly video broadcasts that you can watch as well. Each one comes complete with subtitles which really helps new English students understand what is being said.

The really great thing about this section of the web site is that these reporters use only the 1500 most commonly used words in the English language. On top of that, the reporters speak at a slower rate than a native speaker normally would.

And if that isn’t enough…you can even download a free dictionary from their web site with the 1500 most commonly used words for you to study as well.

And that is only one of many other web sites like this online. You can find tons of great stuff at web sites like CNN (, BBC (, and NPR ( just to name a few.

So, why are you waiting? Stop sitting around hoping you will someday speak English well! Get to work, and make things happen now. Start by visiting these web sites. Then do more research and find other good web sites you can learn from as well.