English serves as the cornerstone of business communication in the USA and across the globe. At English for a Lifetime, we equip your international and non-native teams with the skills necessary to engage effectively with clients, management, and all other relevant internal and external stakeholders. As a result, your team members will confidently surmount any English communication barriers both personally and in their professional roles.¬†ūüĆéūüó£ÔłŹūüďä

Our English at Work training can be delivered: 

  • On Site (At your company)¬†
  • Virtually¬†
  • On our campus¬†

A Good Deal for the Company

  • We provide an initial English assessment for every team member
  • We provide frequent and detailed progress reports
  • We provide flexible schedules to ensure that learning does not interfere your teams‚Äô work¬†schedule
  • We provide an English learning curriculum specific to your company‚Äôs industry

A Good Deal for Your Team Members 

  • Increased levels of confidence and agency when communicating in English¬†on and off the job
  • The opportunity to advance in the company
  • Frequent English assessments to monitor students progress
  • Business English certificates awarded
  • Virtual and or in person learning options
  • Mastery of the English language

English language training focus: Industry vocabulary, basic communication skills on the job, presentations, work etiquette, following directions, pronunciation, reading, English grammar, crafting effective e-mails, writing, leading meetings, effective communications with management (Please select up to four)

Anticipated start date: 

Has this company provided English language training previously? If so, was the training successful, why, or why not? 

Common Questions and Answers

  1. How many team members are required to sign up?
    • We require a total of 6 team members to start an English at work training.
  2. What is the duration of the training?
    • 3 months month (at minimum), 6 months, and or 1 year but it depends on the needs of your company¬†
  3. Has English for a Lifetime provided English at Work training for other companies in the USA?
    • Yes, certainly. We have provided corporate and or business English training to several landscaping and construction companies across Metro Atlanta. * The companies that we provide training have reported that their team members‚Äô (employees) English has improved astronomically due to the¬†English at work¬†training that we provide.¬†
  4. What is the cost for the program?
    • The cost depends on the total number of months that your companies provide English at Work training for the team members. * One of our senior enrollment specialists will discuss the cost/ fees associated with our English at work program.¬†¬†
  5. Are fees for English at work training due at the start of training.
    • Yes, before we provide training, we require the company to submit payment. * Payment plans may be available, depending on your company‚Äôs needs.¬†
  6. What is your refund policy if any?
    • A company has 21 days after¬† commencement of services to a pro¬† – rated refund.¬† Refund request should be e-mailed to * After 21 days of on-site training,¬† no refund shall be granted.¬†
  7. What are the teachers like?
    • Our teachers are typically native American speakers who have taught English as a second language or who are currently teaching English as a second language.¬† Each of our teachers has a unique and passionate teaching style and is trained to teach adults and their families English. Our teachers celebrate diversity and take pride in helping learners achieve their English language goals.¬†
  8. How long has English for a Lifetime existed?
    • English for a Lifetime opened its doors February 2012 and has emerged as one of Georgia‚Äôs best English language institutes. Currently, our institute holds a 4.6 google review rating, indicating the strength and quality of our program.¬†

Thank you! One of our Senior Enrollment Specialists will contact you within 24 hours.