Our mission is to provide academic and vocational English instruction to adults, families, and business professionals with limited English proficiency. We believe that mastery of the English language is critical to our students’ success and productivity in the USA and globally.

How do we Accomplish our Mission? 

1. We recruit highly qualified and passionate English teachers.

2. We provide six academic and vocational English courses. The duration of each course is sixteen weeks.

3. Students are given weekly quizzes, midterms, final examinations, and abundant opportunities to practice their English.

4. We provide culturally relevant and immersive English language learning experiences, giving every student the opportunity to explore American culture and to establish agency in any given situation.

5. We offer on campus and virtual learning options.


Our vision is to become globally recognized and known for inspiring all our current and future students to accomplish their personal, professional, and academic goals while becoming global citizens and lifelong learners.

Instructional Approach

Freirean/ participatory approaches, giving students the opportunity to learn English drawn from real life experiences. The goal of this approach is to help students ultimately liberate themselves from social conditions that oppress them.

Differentiated instruction, giving teachers the opportunity to focus on students’ needs, backgrounds, expectations and interests.

Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), giving students the opportunity to focus on communicative rather than linguistic competence. In the (CLT) approach, students are strongly encouraged and challenged to practice their English inside and outside of the classroom.