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About Us

English for a Lifetime Language Institute

has been providing an academic and vocational English program to adults with limited English proficiency since the year 2012, and our institute has emerged as one of Georgia’s best English language schools for adult English language learners. In addition, we welcome learners from all countries and nations of the world to come and study English with us. We meet our learners right where they are regardless of their previous educational backgrounds. Our highly qualified, trained, and passionate teachers remain poised and ready to deliver the best English instruction possible, ensuring that our learners master the English language for personal, professional, workforce, and continuing education purposes.

Student Success

It is our goal to ensure that every student who enrolls into English for a Lifetime Language Institute is successful. New students are given an English placement test to determine their  appropriate course start level. In addition, students are provided a student advisor until they graduate from the program.  Student advisors keep students informed of their academic progress, including all school wide policies and procedures.

Location & Transportation

English for a Lifetime Language Institute is located in the  beautiful  city of Peachtree Corners, Georgia at 7094 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Suite 188 (Building # 1 )  When on campus,  visitors and students can access wifi/ internet as guests. 


While most students drive their own cars to class, we are located within 5 minutes to a Marta’s bus stop at Winters Chapel Road and ten minutes to the Doraville Train Station. 



Our teachers value student talk time (STT) over teacher talk time (TTT) giving  learners the opportunity to practice their English from the start to the end of class.  In addition, our teachers create  lessons that involve practical (real-life) activities. In doing so,  our learners are able to obtain quickly English skills critical to their learning goals. And, our teachers believe in giving our learners a voice in the classroom. Our learners are able to share their life experiences past and present and give their perspectives on life in the USA. Celebrating diversity and all people of the world is a must in our adult education English program. 


Our English program is designed to:



Train learners to become highly proficient in English speaking, reading, writing, and listening 



 Prepare learners to speak on a variety of practical, business, and workforce topics 



Provide learners with sufficient professional development skills for the workforce



 Help learners to identify and pursue their desired industry specific vocation and or career



Prepare advanced English speakers for post-secondary academic English learning 


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Test of English as a Foreign Language TOEFL PREP

If you are preparing to attend a college or a university in the United States, you must take and do well on the TOEFL exam. We provide an 8 week comprehensive TOEFL prep course with a strong focus on reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

​For eight weeks, you will study for four hours, in class, with one of our English professors. In addition, you will utilize your study skills for an additional four ours weekly outside of class. Studying with our professor and weekly independent study time are both ingredients for your success on the TOEFL exam.

​Lastly, we don’t leave you hanging. We assist our students with registering for the TOEFL exam and applying for colleges and universities in the United States.

Course prerequisite:  :

  • Completion of high school in their home country and or have attended some college in their home country.
  • Strong mastery of the English language. This can be provided by documentation of an internationally recognized English language exam or an English language school certificate/diploma.

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